The Science of Productive Meetings: Quality Over Quantity

The saying “quality over quantity” holds true in many facets of life—so why not use this mindset to plan productive meetings? If you read our last post on the psychology of routine meetings, you know the difference between meetings that make teams more efficient and ones that aren’t truly essential. In this post, we’ll look… »

Psychology of Routine Meetings: Understanding the Cause and Cure

If you view weekly status updates or daily check-ins as a necessary cost of managing a team, this is the post for you. If you regularly multitask or tune out during meetings, this post is for you, too. And if you routinely attend or schedule meetings because you’re afraid of missing out on important details,… »

What the Slack Platform Should Look Like

Slack has an incredible product, mind-blowing growth, and is making big strides to establish itself as a meaningful platform. It’s no surprise to see predictions that $100M+ businesses will be built on the back of the Slack platform this year. I’m confident it’ll happen — I’m a huge fan of the product, and the company… »