The Financial Value of Productive Meetings

Do you want to make your team more efficient? Are you looking for easy ways to generate more revenue for your business? Have you evaluated your team meetings yet? Making the best of the time people spend in meetings is one of the most important things you can do to build productive teams and increase… »

Don’t Let Remote Work Kill Your Culture Of Camaraderie

True company culture—the kind that’s studied, scrutinized and shaped into clearly-communicated core values—is what separates a business that stays afloat from one that rides the waves of success. Culture is what divides the Kip Tindells and Shake Shacks of the world from the John Chambers and Wal-Marts. It has the power to attract brilliant employees… »

How to Get Your Leadership Team on Track with Standups

When I first started leading the team at Formstack, there was no question as to where we’d all be working: In the office. Every weekday. All day. Then one week we decided to crack the door of our completely office-based environment and peer into the hallways of remote work. If someone had told me then… »