Slack’s Killing Email Excess. Are Mindless Meetings Next?

For generations, employees have endured a peculiar workplace tradition. They spend hours a day deleting, filing, forwarding and searching a form of communication called email. Endless chains are created as people seek to solve problems, get answers, showcase accomplishments, demonstrate progress and keep everyone in the loop. Now Slack is poised to kill these age-old… »

You Know Your Meetings Suck If…

Not a fan of meetings? We know how you feel. Frustrated. Unproductive. Bored. We’ve all been there. Since introducing Jell, things have gotten better around here. Online standups now help get everyone in sync on day-to-day activities. So when we do schedule meetings, it’s to discuss the important issues that will help grow the business… »

How to Use Slack Integrations to Replace Mindless Meetings

Businesses everywhere are working toward eliminating “unproductivity tools” and outdated methods of communication. Endless email chains and mindless meetings are out. All-in-one apps are in. For many growing companies and remote teams, that means two-year-old Slack is playing a major role in day-to-day communications and collaborations. This group chat app has become essential to many… »

Turn Your Never-Ending To-Do List Into Actionable Goals

If you’re reading this post, you probably have a daily to-do system. And at least once or twice in your career, you’ve likely experienced the high that hits on rare afternoons when you get through it all. Everything on the list is checked off. The inbox is empty. It’s a great feeling. Unfortunately, it’s usually… »