Measuring Performance on Company Goals Just Got Better

Jell’s company goals tracking has already proven itself as an invaluable feature to align companies and teams around OKRs, quarterly, and annual goals. But we have great news, we’ve made measuring performance even better! In this update, we launched a handful of improvements including a completely redesigned interface that makes it easier for managers to review… »

An Inside Look at Jell’s Branding Design

A long time ago in a startup sort of far away… Jell was grown from a hackday project into an full-blown product with a growing user base. The development team at Formstack was working on it as a side project and piecing together the brand and user experience as they went along. After showing promise,… »

4 Proven Ways to Help Employees Work Smarter (Not Harder)

Which would you prefer? An employee who spends 60 hours a week at the office? Or someone who can accomplish the same amount of work in just 30 hours? You’d go with the latter, right? When people can achieve goals faster, there’s more time to brainstorm big ideas and go after loftier goals with a… »