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Jell is an ideal Friday alternative app that makes team planning, communicating, goal setting, and tracking a breeze. Plus, it integrates well with many tools you already use. Learn about the differences between Friday and Jell so you can understand which solution best fits your needs.

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It’s easy to hold asynchronous daily standups and individual or team check-ins and track planning, progress, as well as objectives and key results (OKRs) with Jell. By taking just a few minutes each day, you’ll check more off your list, sync up goals, and foster functional, productive teams.

Features of Jell

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  Align Your Team With Daily Standups

You can track what everyone is working on with Jell’s daily standups, which makes it easy for everyone to share status updates, achievements, and challenges that can come up. Your standups will be efficient, without any wasted meeting time, giving you what you need in one place to have impactful conversations that will help you make wise decisions.

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Use Customized Check-Ins that Fit Your Team

If you find collecting extra information from your team is typically needed, such as for one-on-one prep or management updates, simply set customizable check-ins aside from your regular standup meetings.

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 Get More Done with Team Goals and OKRs

By sharing your OKRs with Jell, you’ll better focus and align your team on the bigger picture. Your team members’ day-to-day activities can link up with their long-term goals, and they can easily track their progress.

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 Sync Your Team

Handy integrations with common tools like Slack make Jell a natural fit with how your team works. For instance, with the Jell bot, you can participate in standups right from Slack, easily share updates and progress, and check-in with your team, all while saving time without additional meetings and emails.

Jell vs. Friday App Features

You’ll find that both Jell and Friday come with similar functionality and features, but there are still some key differences. As an ideal Friday app alternative, Jell gives you:

  • Customized check-ins
  • Daily standups
  • Progress and goal tracking with linkage to daily tasks
  • Integration with the tools you already use, like Slack and GitHub
  • Easy management of shorter long-term goals and processes, with no need to have extra meetings

Asynchronous meetings and assistance with planning, routines, and goal tracking are also possible with the alternative, Friday. The tool offers integrations and cloud add-ons that extend its core platform, too.

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standup meeting frequency

Jell vs. Friday




Daily standups

Set a schedule

Configure questions

Send automatic reminders

Customized check-ins

One-on-one prep

Recurring frequencies

Choose how and where information flows

Goal and OKR sharing and linking

Set and integrate goals in daily workflow

Show progress with metrics, comments and linked tasks

Track and share progress

Integrations to fit into existing workflow
















G Suite

Google Calendar & Google Tasks only


Free trial

14 days on the Plus plan (no credit card info required)

14 days on the Pro plan (no credit card info required)

Essential Plan

$0/user per month for up to 10 users

Starter/Pro Plan

$4/user per month, billed annually, or

$5/user per month billed monthly

$6/user per month for 10-50 users (contact for discount when billed annually)

Plus Plan

$8/user per month, billed annually, or

$10/user per month billed monthly

Enterprise Plan

Available for larger teams

$9/user per month for 50+ users


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Find Out Why Customers Prefer Jell

why customers prefer jell

With Jell, teams can better communicate easily and quickly without any added and unnecessary meeting time. Take a look at what Jell’s customers are saying about their experience to help decide if it’s right for you and your team.

“We have a distributed team that uses Jell for daily scrum. It’s easy to use and gives total transparency in what everyone is doing. For free!”

David H.
Rating: 5 of 5 stars


“Great check-in software for teams.
Pros: Easy to set up, reports are really functional for management. Saves us over 1 hour in meetings per week. Cons: UI could be updated a little bit, otherwise very easy to operate.”

Stuart R., CEO in Accounting Software
Rating: 5 of 5 stars


“It makes it really easy to plan the day, knowing you won’t forget anything that needs to be done. For longer-term plans, you can add them in the future plans section, so nothing will get missed. It’s also really satisfying ticking off each item as you complete it!”

Brianna M., Accountant in Accounting Software
Rating: 5 of 5 stars

How to Get Started With Jell

To see Jell’s features and how to use the tool in action, check out this video. It shows you how to share daily plans and progress with your team using scrum and standup meetings, plus the goal tracking and fulfillment feature. Find out just how Jell can help you manage efficient, productive, and engaged teams in very little time!

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