Daily Standups

Ditch daily meetings. Save time with Jell’s daily standups.

Understand What Everyone’s Working On

With Jell, it’s easy to understand what everyone on your team is working on. Your team members can quickly and easily submit a daily standup outlining what they’re working on that day, what they accomplished the day before, and any challenges they’re facing. 

Daily standups foster an environment of collaboration and teamwork. Plus, they’re an ideal way for managers to keep up-to-date on their team and support them each day.


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Set Your Daily Standup Schedule

Setting up your daily standup schedule takes just a couple of minutes. You can opt to use the standard questions we provide, or adjust the questions and days the standup should be submitted to best fit your team’s needs. During the efficient set-up process, you’ll also select when to send reminders to your teammates, so no one has to worry about forgetting to complete it, no matter their timezone.


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Create Your Standup Questions

To run a successful daily standup, you need to ask your team the right questions. To make it as easy and straightforward for everyone to answer, you can choose from many question formats, including list, text, number, or multiple choice.

Here are some sample questions you can try asking the team:

  • What did you accomplish yesterday?
  • What are you working on today?
  • Do you have any roadblocks?
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Integrate with Slack or Teams

Jell integrates with Slack and Microsoft Teams, so you can set up the Jell standup bot to automatically send out daily standup reminders to team members in the place they communicate most often. Then, team members can respond directly in your designated channel for everyone to see what they’re working on and if they have any roadblocks. 

Connect Microsoft Teams with Jell

Check Out How Others are Using Jell

We use Jell reports a lot. Every week, I can look back at the previous week’s standup reports to see what the team worked on and accomplished. I’m never at a loss for what’s going on with my team, and it’s helpful when putting together weekly corporate reports.

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Juan Montemayor

Sr. Manager, Software Development, Rackspace

I’m really happy to say we have solved 95% of our communication issues with the implementation of what we call our three core internal business apps: Karbon, Slack and Jell…Jell is our secret weapon. While it’s great to have open communication lines with Slack and client workflow in Karbon, Jell is where the magic happens.

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Steph Hinds

Head Ninja, Growthwise

Jell is great! We have all three online standup questions posted automatically to different Slack rooms. Then each team jumps on a quick 15-minute videoconference on Zoom. This way, we can see what everyone’s working on before the call and use our time together to focus 100% on challenges and solutions. Those few minutes a day help us get really organized.

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Adam Feber

Team Leader, Chargify

How Do I Get Started?

It’s so simple to get started with Daily Standups. All it takes is a quick sign-up before you’ll see questions and workflows in your Jell account to help you align your team.

Check out this video to learn more about Jell and how it can help with your daily standups so you can get more done lead a healthy, productive team each day.

All you need for managing a happy, productive team.

Know what’s happening with each project and team member. Achieve those goals faster.

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Daily Standups

Keep a pulse on what your whole team’s up to and what they’ve achieved each day.

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It’s easy to create custom check-ins for your team members to share detailed metrics or general progress.

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Goal Tracking

You can share OKRs or long-term goals, track progress, and link to your team’s daily activity.

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Integrate with the tools your team already knows and loves, like Slack, GitHub, Jira and many more.

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