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Mapbox uses Jell for Daily Standup Meetings

Focus on What Matters with Jell

Management, Minus the Pain Points

Know what everyone’s working on. Reach your goals faster.

features goals
Progress & Accountability

Find out how your team is doing on Sprints and quarterly goals.

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features views
Real-Time & Historic Views

See your team’s current work, what got done last week/month/etc.

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features blocks
Identify & Remove Blockers

Blast through the roadblocks standing in the way of your work.

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features standups
Asynchronous Meetings

Get visibility without distraction in your daily scrum meetings.

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features integrations
Integrates with Your Tools

Work with existing team tracking and collaboration tools.

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features visibility
Multi-Department Visibility

Know what your teams are doing, without a million meetings.

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Get Aligned with Daily Standup Meetings

Set Your Schedule

Use Jell out of the box for daily standups, or customize it to your team’s schedule. Especially optimized for teams that work across multiple time zones or remote work environments. Choose any combination of days in a week or even a specific date each month. This purpose-built feature allows for full customization.

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Configure Your Questions

Successful online standups ask the right questions, the right way. Jell lets you completely control the questions you ask your team and makes it easy for them to answer. Choose from Text, List, Multiple Choice, or Number style questions. The options are endless.

Daily Standup Questions

Get Your Team On Board

Adding your team to the platform is easy. Once they’re using Jell, they’ll receive timely reminders to participate in standups. With an aligned vision and visibility into projects, teams will benefit from open communication and complete projects faster than ever.

Daily Standup Questions

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