Bringing teams together,
even when they're apart

Distributed teams thrive with Jell

Automate your
Daily Standups and Check-Ins.

Hassle-free management
Maximize your time without ever losing sight of your goals

Progress & Accountability

Stay up-to-date on your team’s sprints and quarterly goals.

Real-Time & Historic Views

Take a peek at your team’s ongoing tasks or what they’ve accomplished in any designated time period. It’s all right there!

Identify & Remove Blockers

Blast through the roadblocks standing in the way of your work.

Asynchronous Meetings

Stay focused during your daily scrum meetings and get the visibility you need without the distractions.

Integrates with Your Tools

Collaborate seamlessly using your team’s current tracking and collaboration tools.

Multi-Department Visibility

Say goodbye to meetings and hello to visibility.

Get aligned with daily standup meetings

Set your schedule

Jell offers flexible options for daily standups – use it straight out of the box, or tailor it to fit your team’s schedule. Optimized for remote teams or those working across different time zones. Choose any combination of days in a week or even a specific date each month. With Jell’s purpose-built customization feature, the possibilities are endless!

Configure your questions

Successful standups start by asking the right questions in the right way. With Jell, you have complete control over the questions you ask your team, and they can easily respond. Whether you prefer Text, List, Multiple Choice, or Number style questions, Jell has got you covered.

Get your team on board

Getting your team on board with Jell is a breeze. Once they join, they’ll receive regular reminders to participate in standups. With Jell’s shared vision and project visibility, your team will communicate openly and complete projects faster than ever before.

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