Get the information you need from your team

One-On-One Prep

Jell provides an easy to use platform for managers and team members to get the most out of their 1:1 time.

By setting up a weekly (or bi-weekly) check-in, you can get the information you need to make your one-on-one’s more productive. By being intentional with your preparation, you can work together to grow as an individual, achieve goals and remove obstacles.

Weekly Recap

A common use case for check-ins is a recap (aka wrap up, post-mortem, summary, etc.) at the end of the work week.

Some sample questions:

What was your biggest accomplishment this week?
How many clients did you meet with this week?
How many new users converted to a premium account?

Communicating Up

As a team leader, you’ll often be required to communicate your team’s milestones, key accomplishments, goal progress, and other information. Check-Ins allow your leadership team to communicate up the chain of command quickly and easily.

Some sample questions:

What major milestones were achieved this month?
Are there any risks or issues the executives need to know?
How much of your capacity is currently being utilized?