Case Studies

Fog Creek Software

Fog Creek, home of FogBugz, Trello and StackOverflow, is paving a new workplace path that thousands of managers around the world want to copy.

Read how they’re using Jell for daily standups to share status, accomplishments and impediments with each other…


Rackspace is the largest managed cloud provider, trusted by the majority of the Fortune 100. Delivering on that promise requires a lot of fast decision-making and behind-the-scenes collaboration.

Read how Jell has helped with one-on-ones to highlight important issues and put together weekly corporate check-ins…


Steph Hinds built a successful company by making sure the entire team is consistently approachable and available—at all times, for every client, at virtually any hour and from any location.
Jell is her secret weapon for getting the entire team focused on constant improvement and tracking company goals. Read how she does it…


Chargify is the tool behind millions of recurring bills and subscriptions. Even if your company doesn’t use it, there’s a good chance you’ve interacted with it personally.
Read how their remote teams use Slack and Jell for daily standups to get organized and see what everyone’s working on…

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