How To Avoid The Common Mistakes Of First-Time Managers

There are few things more overwhelming than the first time you experience the sudden responsibility of a group of employees. Whether you’re being promoted among your peers, entering a new organization in a leadership position or moving over to another department to lead a team, your first crack at this new level of authority is […]

How to Hold Better One-on-One Meetings: Tips from Respected Managers

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about managing teams, it’s this: For an entire team to succeed, the productivity and happiness of every individual matters. A lot. In fact, when it comes to reaching goals, many managers will tell you that an effective one-on-one meeting is far more important than daily status updates and water cooler conversations. […]

28 One-on-One Meeting Questions to Improve Communication in the Workplace

When successful, one-on-one meetings contribute to development opportunities for employees, building trust, and fostering important communication. So, we came up with “The List” of great one-on-one meeting questions. We have something for every situation. Some are best for pre-meeting questionnaires and others for the actual meeting. All of them are best kept in your back […]

The One-on-One Meeting: What Every Manager Should Know

Did you know that the top tech teams utilize one-on-one meetings? The senior manager of software development at Rackspace regularly blocks off time to sit down with each member of his team and see how things are going. So do managers at Dropbox, LinkedIn, and Atlassian. So does Ben Horowitz. Do you know which companies […]