Daily Standups + Clubhouse

Ditch daily meetings. Save time with Jell and post a daily standup in Clubhouse

Super-charge your projects with Daily Standups

Clubhouse is a great project management tool for software development. Incorporating Jell’s daily standups, takes it even further with online asynchronous standups.

How it works

Connect Clubhouse To Jell

After you’re signed up for Jell, connecting to Clubhouse is easy and painless.

Head to your organization settings and select Clubhouse under connected apps.

Add Clubhouse Stories In Jell

When your team starts their day, they log into Jell and complete a daily standup.

Your team will be able to easily search Clubhouse stories, and link them to plans with a single click.

Link Your Plans To Clubhouse Stories

Once a standup is complete, you can review what everyone’s working on in Jell via the web, Slack or Microsoft Teams.

No more guessing who’s working on what.