Daily Standups + Jira

Ditch daily meetings. Save time with Jell and post a daily standup in Jira

Super charge your Jira workflow with online daily standups in Jell

Daily standups are a key part of any successful agile practice. Jell makes the standup fit with the modern development team.

How it works

Connect Jira To Jell

After you’re signed up for Jell, connecting to Jira is easy and painless.

Head to your organization settings and select Jira under connected apps.

Add Jira Tickets In Jell

Out of the box, your team will be able to search all Jira tickets from within Jell.

Have a lot in Jira? To simplify things more, you can limit teams to specific Jira projects.

Link Your Plans To Jira Issues

Once a standup is complete, you can review what everyone’s working on in Jell via the web, Slack or Microsoft Teams.

No more guessing who’s working on what.