Slack Standup Bot

Ditch daily meetings. Save time with Jell and post a daily standup in Slack.

Daily Slack Standup

Keep track of what everyone’s working on right in Slack.

Slack Standup Bot

Automated daily standup reminders are sent out to team members via Jellbot.

Post Standups On Slack

Jell can post standups to any channel you choose.

Slack Standup Bot - Jell

Join the thousands of teams using Jell to be more productive:

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How It Works

Each day, you spend a couple minutes answering questions for your team standup. Then share answers with the rest of the team. Simple. As it should be.

Add Jell To Slack

To get started, you sign up for Jell.

Whether you sign up with Slack or choose to connect Slack later, it’s easy and painless. You’ll always be able to modify your integration in your organization settings under connected apps.

Slack Daily Standups

Post Your Statuses In Slack With Jellbot

When your team starts their day, they’ll be reminded to post their status in Jell via our Slack standup bot – Jellbot.

Submitting is simple. Jellbot asks the questions directly. When they’re done, these updates are posted into the Slack channel you select in your settings, by team.

Slack Daily Standup Bot

See Statuses And Progress In Slack

As your team completes tasks in Jell (either in Slack or our web app), their activity is posted in Slack.

No more guessing who’s working on what, what’s been done and it’s a great way of following up on standup tasks (without hassling anyone).

Slack Standup Status

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Daily Standups

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Goal Tracking

You can share OKRs or long-term goals, track progress, and link to your team's daily activity.

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