Jell Joins SureSwift Capital

I’m excited to announce that we’ve found a new home for Jell as part of SureSwift Capital. We sold the business to them last fall, and we’ve been working behind the scenes since then to ensure a seamless transition for all of the technical teams who use our software.… »

Introducing Jell For Microsoft Teams

Here at Jell, we want to empower your team to accomplish great things. If you're bogged down with meetings and distributing information inefficiently, you can't do that. You need to spend more time achieving your goals by doing the work that matters.… »

How to Use Stretch Goals with OKRs

Are stretch goals motivational and encouraging or overbearing and disheartening? That is a common debate and there is no easy answer. But, if you try to incorporate stretch goals, using them with OKRs is a great approach. In fact, common usage of objectives and key results use stretch goals and OKR scoring to keep people… »

How to Write Objectives & Key Results

We are often asked how to write objectives, and it’s completely understandable. When I joined Jell a couple of months ago I wondered the same thing. But it turns out, writing objectives and key results isn’t difficult. Here’s a video to help: For getting started with OKRs, you have to know what your end goals… »

What Everyone Gets Wrong About Working Remote

I can remember a time when working remote was greatly frowned upon. It was viewed as an opportunity for employees to slack off, take care of kids, or get stuff done around the house—or so everyone thought. In reality, a number of reports now show that remote workers are more productive in the same amount… »

How to Manage Poor Work Performance

One of my favorite things about what I do is having the opportunity to lead and manage others. I get to build teams, develop individuals, connect with people one-on-one, and coach them through key moments in their careers. But with the good comes the bad—and as a manager, it’s up to me to seek out… »

9 Elements of Great Engineering Management That Every Manager Can Follow

When you manage a software engineering team and someone tells you that good engineering management don’t exist, it can be more than a little frustrating. In fact, the degree to which engineering management has been debated and deliberated is somewhat surprising. Apparently, there are those who believe our commitments to code can curb our capacities… »

Remote Work Culture – Why does remote work fail?

The more we learn about remote work culture, the more enticing it becomes for management and employees alike. Studies show that remote workers are happier, healthier and more productive and cost companies far less than requiring attendance in the office. Despite long-standing myths of the opposite, adopting remote work can be the most effective and efficient way… »