The Sprint Retrospective Template You’ve Been Searching For

Sprint retrospectives are an incredibly useful exercise for scrum teams to understand what they’ve done well, should continue doing, and should stop doing from sprint to sprint. If you’ve never run a sprint retrospective, you may not know where to begin. The guide below and template provided will ease that burden and equip you with […]

Top Agile Certifications to Improve Project Management & Software Development

Agile methods are results and people-focused producing fast and flexible approaches to developing software or hardware that use self-organization, adaptive planning, and quick turnaround times at their core. Teams closely collaborate to make decisions in a cyclical, iterative process called sprints to produce software, typically over one to four-week periods. Team members make continuous quality […]

11 Best Productivity Tools for Your Remote Tech Team

Every team works differently, with their own strengths and weaknesses. No matter how your team may be set up – there are ways to improve everyone’s productivity by becoming more efficient and organized. While inspiration always helps, using the best productivity tools is a very effective way to reach your goals and deadlines faster. There […]