How to Use Stretch Goals with OKRs

Are stretch goals motivational and encouraging or overbearing and disheartening? That is a common debate and there is no easy answer. But, if you try to incorporate stretch goals, using them with OKRs is a great approach. In fact, common usage of objectives and key results use stretch goals and OKR scoring to keep people… »

How to Write Objectives & Key Results

We are often asked how to write objectives, and it’s completely understandable. When I joined Jell a couple of months ago I wondered the same thing. But it turns out, writing objectives and key results isn’t difficult. Here’s a video to help: For getting started with OKRs, you have to know what your end goals… »

Measuring Performance on Company Goals Just Got Better

Jell’s company goals tracking has already proven itself as an invaluable feature to align companies and teams around OKRs, quarterly, and annual goals. But we have great news, we’ve made measuring performance even better! In this update, we launched a handful of improvements including a completely redesigned interface that makes it easier for managers to review… »

Turn Your Never-Ending To-Do List Into Actionable Goals

If you’re reading this post, you probably have a daily to-do system. And at least once or twice in your career, you’ve likely experienced the high that hits on rare afternoons when you get through it all. Everything on the list is checked off. The inbox is empty. It’s a great feeling. Unfortunately, it’s usually… »

Concrete Tips for Getting Started with OKRs

By now, you’ve likely heard a lot about OKRs—how Google uses them, how other startups are growing because of them—and are ready to use this goal-setting method at your company. Setting aspirational “objectives” and measuring success with specific “key results” can be a very effective way, especially for startups, to open the channels of communication… »