Introducing Jell Reports: The Easy Way to Track Team Progress

One of the most important jobs of a manager is gathering information to better understand what’s happening inside the business. Jell’s been successful at helping teams improve their daily standups, but most companies are still mired in inefficient meetings and email threads — we know there’s a better way. Today we’re taking Jell a giant […]

An Inside Look at Jell’s Branding Design

A long time ago in a startup sort of far away… Jell was grown from a hackday project into an full-blown product with a growing user base. The development team at Formstack was working on it as a side project and piecing together the brand and user experience as they went along. After showing promise, […]

How the Wrong Name Cost Our Startup $10,000

We’d launched the minimal viable product about 6 months ago, and after a lot of iteration and hard work, growth was picking up nicely. And then my mom called me: “I had Steve install your app, but he can’t see the team I setup.” Steve had installed the wrong app. And it’d been happening more […]

Why Jell?

We launched Jell to the public a couple months ago, and are thrilled by the usage and feedback we’ve received so far. As we look forward to the future of the product, it’s important for us to start by answering a simple question: Why? Jell was created by a small team within Formstack, and we […]