Slack’s Killing Email Excess. Are Mindless Meetings Next?

For generations, employees have endured a peculiar workplace tradition. They spend hours a day deleting, filing, forwarding and searching a form of communication called email. Endless chains are created as people seek to solve problems, get answers, showcase accomplishments, demonstrate progress and keep everyone in the loop. Now Slack is poised to kill these age-old […]

What the Slack Platform Should Look Like

Slack has an incredible product, mind-blowing growth, and is making big strides to establish itself as a meaningful platform. It’s no surprise to see predictions that $100M+ businesses will be built on the back of the Slack platform this year. I’m confident it’ll happen — I’m a huge fan of the product, and the company […]

3 Slack Tips To Strengthen Team Communication

Gone are the days when you come back to work after a week-long vacation only to find your email’s inbox blown up. Fast forward to now; you log in to your Slack account, and you have dozens of @ mentions, thread replies, and private messages to catch up on. Slack replaced email because of its […]

How to Use Slack Integrations to Replace Mindless Meetings

Businesses everywhere are working toward eliminating “unproductivity tools” and outdated methods of communication. Endless email chains and mindless meetings are out. All-in-one apps are in. For many growing companies and remote teams, that means two-year-old Slack is playing a major role in day-to-day communications and collaborations. This group chat app has become essential to many […]