At Jell, we’re focused on reducing the need for unnecessary meetings while making fewer meetings more successful.

Which begs the question: How much time did you waste in meetings over the past year? See for yourself with our free, nifty calculator:


The results can be surprising. Our calculations are based on only 45 meetings a year for recurring meetings and assumes a salary of only $65,000. So how do you stack up? Share them with us on Twitter.

Why did we create this meeting calculator?

Have you ever had one of those days when it’s suddenly 4 p.m. and you start to think: “What the hell did I do all day? Why didn’t I get anything accomplished?” If you answered “No,” you’re simply awesome (congrats!) or you’re fooling yourself.

We devote countless hours to an ongoing cadence of routine team meetings: standups, status check-ins, recaps and group brainstorming sessions. It seems as though we’re psychologically programmed to be drawn to these recurring group activities, even though science says a more minimalist approach to is the key to productivity.

If you want to clear your calendar of excessive meetings—and keep them from creeping back in—you’ll first need to explain just how much time you’re devoting to meetings when you could be getting shit done.

Problem is, unless you want to take on a massive analysis, calculating exactly how much time, energy and money is going toward meetings is just an anecdotal guess. But not anymore.

Once you get a baseline, you can use tools like Jell and productivity hacks to reduce the number of unnecessary meetings and make fewer meetings more productive. Below are some recommended resources to help you escape the meeting conundrum: