The massive popularity of Slack has turned daily Slack standups into a must for teams who use the tool as their primary communication platform.

It sounds easy enough, everyone gets on and updates Slack once a day to let the team know what they are working on. But, if you’ve done this for a while, a few tips and tactics help, here they are:

1. Stick To 3 Simple Standup Questions

We use and recommend the same questions to all of our Jell customers. These daily scrum questions, originally from long-standing scrum practices, get to the point, and over time you won’t even have to restate them, everyone will just know 1… 2… 3…

  1. What did you accomplish yesterday?
  2. What do you plan to accomplish today?
  3. What challenges stand in your way?

2. Choose A Morning Deadline For Submissions

This works well if everyone works the same hours. It’s best for the team manager to establish a deadline so they can spend time each morning looking at the answers.

This encourages employees to get it done each day, instead of continually putting it off. 10AM is a great time for the timeline because it is in the morning and there is plenty of time to work after that.

3. Add Reminders For Submissions

One way to make sure everyone gets their submission in before deadline is to add a reminder to the standup channel. Give the team a reminder about an hour before all submissions are due.

daily slack standups reminders notifications


4. Encourage Mentioning Others In Challenges

Encourage team members to mention someone they are waiting on in their standup. Remind people this isn’t calling someone out, it’s simply letting the team and leader know they are working with someone on a project and it isn’t finished yet.

5. Take advantage of Slack’s Slash commands

With Jell, you can manage your standups directly from Slack with these helpful slash commands. Simply type /jell help from Slack for more info.

Daily Slack Standup Suggestions for Team Leaders

Read all of the daily slack standup messages, and follow up on any challenges immediately.

Contribute your own daily standup for the team. This shows transparency and openness with the team.

**Important Tip for Managers** Leaders need to acknowledge good work, even if it’s just w/ a quick emoji reaction — that helps team members know you’re paying attention, you appreciate accomplishments, and want people to continue to share their wins.

Save Daily Slack Standups For Later Consideration

When you run through Slack for free you’ll lose track of what people have said in the past and any progress team members have made (once your slack channel has hit the 10k messages which go a lot faster than you think it will).

Consider Connecting Goals, Objectives & Key Results to Daily Standups

Companies like Google are big on connecting daily work (and standups) with quarterly and long-term goals to encourage smart work. This is a productive goal for the rest of us to live up to.

You can read more about OKRs in this ebook we put together. You’ll especially enjoy it if you are striving to get more important work done on your team.

We are biased, of course, but we love using Jell for daily slack standups and OKRs, since our Jellbot works in Slack team members can submit their standups right in Slack, and the Jell dashboard will help team leaders make sure everyone is focusing on the right objectives and key results.

Here’s a peek at what it looks like:

daily slack standups okrs

Daily Slack Standups – Convince The Team To Participate

daily slack standups for teams

One of the most common problems with daily Slack standups is getting the entire team to participate. There always seems to be that one person who doesn’t like this seemingly ‘Big Brother’ approach.

It’s a shame team members see it this way because it all comes down to perspective. They are looking at it as being micromanaged, but that’s not at all what standups are about.

You have to make sure you share your vision with them about how their life will be easier with less blockers and more collaboration.

Looking to prepare your team to adopt a new technology?

Check out this helpful post, 6 Ways to Jell: Your Guide to Better Technology Adoption


It’s sometimes difficult to get the whole team on board for a new tool or process, but it can be done, and in this case, it makes a big impact on the effectiveness of your team. Try it out, and use some of our tips, we have a lot of experience and want to help.

Additionally, if you have any suggestions for others around daily standups, we are all ears. Leave a comment below, and we’ll edit this article to include it.

A focused team gets impressive results. Help your team focus with daily Slack standups, objectives, and key results.

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