The Daily Huddle Meeting and How it Can Boost Your Team’s Productivity

You’ve probably heard it before and you’ll probably hear it again, but meeting fatigue is real – both for in-person and remote teams. It can become an all-too-common habit to meet for many small things ad-hoc or to simply schedule too many meetings that go long and off-topic, causing many people to check out when things […]

Improve Meetings & One-on-Ones With This Employee Check-In Template

As a manager, it can be very tricky to truly know how your team is doing in all aspects of their work and on a personal level, too. Whether you work remotely or in-person, or a combination of both, establishing regular, routine check in meetings can be a huge help in shedding light on this. […]

How Email Parsing Can Save Remote Teams Time & Money

Email parsing can be a huge time-saver for remote teams. By automatically extracting data from emails, you can avoid having to manually enter that information into your CRM or other software. This can save your team hours per week. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how email parsing works and how it can benefit your […]

The Standup Meeting: Your Ultimate Guide to Knocking it Out of the Park

Whether you manage a team that works together remotely or in person, you will need to check in with them regularly to see how their workload and tasks are going. An easy, quick and efficient way of doing this is through something called a standup meeting. Here, we’ll get into all you need to know […]

Remote Work Productivity – How to Be More Productive At Home

Remote work productivity: a question for our current post-pandemic times. And if there’s one thing the world’s productivity gurus have in common, it’s this: They know how to get things done. Tim Ferris had published his first New York Times bestseller by age 30. Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” are still […]

Creative Ways to Stay Engaged when You Work from Home

Staying engaged when you work from home is difficult. “Working from home will be easy,” they stated. “Working from home will be a dream,” they said. “You’ll have more time for your kids,” they predicted. “You won’t ever sit in traffic again,” they claimed. Well, yes. And no. Working remote is dreamy. It’s easier to […]

What Everyone Gets Wrong About Working Remote

I can remember a time when working remote was greatly frowned upon. It was viewed as an opportunity for employees to slack off, take care of kids (how dare they!–obvious sarcasm), or get stuff done around the house—or so everyone thought. In reality, several reports now show that remote workers are more productive in the […]

Remote Work Culture – Why does remote work fail?

The more we learn about remote work culture, the more enticing it becomes for management and employees alike. Studies show that remote workers are happier, healthier and more productive and cost companies far less than requiring attendance in the office. Despite long-standing myths of the opposite, adopting remote work can be the most effective and efficient way […]

The Benefits of Remote Work and Why Employees Love It

We live in a time of great workplace transformation: employees are working from home more than ever now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Remote work is no longer the exception, it’s the new paradigm. It isn’t the future of the office; it’s the here and now. So, why are companies closing their office doors and […]

Managing Remote Employees: 3 Steps to Improving Communication

The latest Gallup analysis is in, and it tells a rather interesting story for those managing remote employees. The State of the American Workplace study is filled with insights that indicate the benefits of remote work may be even greater than previously reported. “Gallup consistently has found that flexible scheduling and work-from-home opportunities play a […]

Managing Remote Employees Is Easier when You Quit These Old Habits

Managing remote employees is challenging. Really challenging. You’re often working across different time zones with people you rarely see in work settings that you have very little (if any) control over. There are also countless benefits to be reaped from remote workforces. For example: Remote employees are 20% more productive and almost twice as likely […]

Managing Remote Teams: The Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Remember when Microsoft painted this terrifying picture of the future of remote work?  It sent shivers down my spine, especially picturing myself at my own funeral, clutching a Microsoft Surface Pro while my cold, lifeless body lies in state. Joking aside, it’s not a healthy depiction of remote work and in our experience at Jell, […]

Don’t Let Remote Work Kill Your Culture Of Camaraderie

Camaraderie in the workplace is impossible to achieve without a fully developed company culture.  True company culture—the kind that’s studied, scrutinized, and shaped into clearly-communicated core values—is what separates a business that stays afloat from one that rides the waves of success. Culture is what divides the Kip Tindells and Shake Shacks of the world […]

Remote Work Stats: 10 Statistics That’ll Change the Way You Think About Working Remotely

If the thought of remote work conjures up images of pajama-clad employees with piles of pizza boxes in the background, it’s time to think again. Studies continue to show that the typical telecommuter is highly experienced and exceptionally engaged—and often more productive than the average in-office employee. Companies committed to remote work share two common […]

Committing to Remote Work

In 2008 I had graduated college and accepted a full time role at Gray Matter Technologies*, where I’d become the first remote employee. I had interned with Gray Matter my entire senior year, we had built up enough trust that they were willing to let me continue working for them when I moved 4 hours […]