Your email inbox used to get all the love. Now most of your team’s communication occurs in Slack. Which begs the question:

Are you leveraging this messaging app for all it’s worth?

When it comes to tools for team collaboration and communication, Slack is one of the best. Here are three easy ways to get even more out of it:

1. Give More Positive Feedback

Did you know…

That the #1 predictor of successful marriages is the ratio of positive-to-negative statements?

Or that golf students experience a 45% increase in accuracy when hearing words of encouragement?

Employees react similarly when they get positive feedback at work. There are all kinds of stats and studies showing how employees—even the ones who are already high performers—become more motivated and productive after hearing about their strengths from others.

If you need an easy way to leverage the power of positive feedback more often, Slack is a great way to do that. For example, you can:

  • Post this gif to give a virtual high-five
  • Send a (public) direct message that looks something like this
  • Call out an accomplishment in a corresponding channel
  • Add a “thank-you” or “great job” to your next update

High Five

2. Stay in Sync with an Interactive Report Board

We got this idea from our friends at Fog Creek Software. The company regularly shares individual statuses, accomplishments and challenges through Slack. Every week or two, team leaders also have one-on-one meetings with individual employees. All that information is made public on Fog Creek’s official Company Report board on Trello, which is set to automatically push updates back into Slack.

This report board has become a live feed of projects and progress across the entire company.

And that’s not all.

To keep things fun, Fog Creek also created a Lumbergh-inspired bot who makes regular appearances in Slack to enforce report board rules. He wears an ugly tie and makes sure you got the memo about how to use the Company Report board.

Trello Integration with Slack

3. Maximize Meeting Time with Daily Slack Standups Updates

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of mindless meetings, isn’t it? Instead of sticking to project goals, discussions veer into the unproductive realms of weather and other unrelated topics. Or you spend a disproportionate amount of time going around the room (or conference line) to learn what everyone’s working on.

Done right, meetings can provide tremendous value. Done wrong, they waste a lot of time.

Slack is a great way to get them right. It provides a public forum where everyone can see what everyone else is working on—so when you finally do meet, discussions are laser-focused on the most important issues at hand. One way to take this a step further is by integrating online standups that let you keep tabs on project progress and any challenges that need to be solved.

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